Organic carrots in our organic vegetable baskets

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Dear veggie lovers, Shavua tov!

Organic carrots in our organic vegetable baskets

גזר אורגני בסלי ירקות אורגניים, ירקות אורגניים במשלוח הביתה, הגינה של מגי


13  Things to Know About Organic Carrots:

The longest carrot was measured in 1996 and was 5.14 meters long!!.

The heaviest carrot was weighed in 1998 and weighed about 6 kg !!

Eating carrots with olive oil helps absorb minerals

Carrot juice is desirable to drink when it is fresh to improve the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

Peel? No way! There is no need. The outer skin contains a lot of nutritional value.  

Carrot contains beta-carotene which promotes cellular activity in the body, giving the carrot its orange color

Carrot cleans the blood and strengthens blood vessels. They contain many anti-inflammatory substances.

If the carrots came to you with the leaves, you should separate them from the root so that the leaves do not "suck" the moisture from the root so it will become shriveled.

Carrots are an excellent source of potassium

The wild carrot can be found in the winter almost everywhere -  In the gardens, on the side of the roads, and whereever there is another herb.

Drinking soup with carrots is effective against liver and skin diseases

The carrot is also known as Queen Anne's Lace. Legend  has it that Queen Anne, Queen of Denmark in the 16th-17th century, was an experienced lacemaker. One day she stuck her finger and a drop of blood dropped into the middle of the lace fabric, creating this flower. In the real flower, the dark spot in the middle is designed to attract insects to help the flower in the pollination process.

 In the days of Queen Anne the women used to decorate their hats with wild carrot flowers.

פרחי גזר בר אורגני, ירקות אורגניים במשלוח הביתה, הגינה של מגי

Carrots are great raw, in salads, in sandwiches and also in sauces and soups. Come see our recipes ...

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To health!


Maggie and the garden team

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