Organic mango and important changes to your delivery during the next two weeks.

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Organic mango and important changes to your delivery during the next two weeks.

מנגו אורגני
Our organic mango is now at its peak, just before it enters its winter sleep. 
There are many reasons to fall in love with this beautiful, sweet and sensual fruit.

Let's start by it being a citizen of the world :-). The mango started its journey in India, where it was considered the national fruit.  From there, it migrated to North America, and the Americans, who were excited by this special tropical flavor, developed local varieties that could adapt to the local climate. Thus, the American varieties were born - Tommy, Kit, Kent and Hayden. The years passed and the mango came to us in the Middle East. And the Israelis, who enjoy the combination of science and nature, developed additional varieties -  Maya, Sheli, Nimrod, Tango and Tsrifin are the names of the varieties developed in Israel. From here, the mango migrated very quickly to Europe. In short, it is found today almost everywhere in the world. It is truly a citizen of the world. Have I already said that?

מנגו אורגני  

The wonderful taste and juicy nectar of this exceptional fruit cannot be overstated. It is enough to taste it once and you can feel your heart expand with sweet happiness. But aside from sweetness, organic mango also has many health benefits:

It has natural antioxidants which help fight cancer. It is rich in vitamin A, which is excellent for vision and keeps the skin young. Vitamin B6 increases brain power, especially among the adults among us. And what about the heart? If the above was not enough to love the organic mango, it also protects our heart muscle. One glass of organic mango a day will reduce the chance of heart disease and leave it strong, healthy and in love :-).

So how do you eat it? First of all, you can bite into the fruit without peeling!  The skin is very soft and even healthy. But if you want to peel  it, no problem. It is easy. There are many methods. See what I found for you here.   איך מקלפים מנגו?

The fruit of the mango must be picked before it ripens, so that it does not fall off and get bruised. It ripens at room temperature and thereafter can be kept fresh in a refrigerator or frozen. Because its season is relatively short, it is recommended to cut mangos now and freeze them.  They will last until next season. Frozen mango is a delicacy in itself and is excellent for shakes and desserts! Hilla Alpert  has plenty of organic mango recipes for you.

And if all these wonderful reasons are not enough to fall in love with this amazing fruit, I will also tell you that according to Buddhist tradition, Buddha was enlightened when he sat meditation under the canopy of a mango tree.

מנגו אורגני

By all means, order these organic mango before the season is over. It is waiting to fill your heart with sweetness, love and peace.

Have a sweet and loving week. happy Sukkot holiday!

To your health :-)

Yours, Maggie and the garden team 
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