Green Soya Beans, Edamame

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Edamame means "beans on a branch" in Japanese :)

סויה ירוקה אורגנית בסלי הירקות האורגניים, הגינה של מגי, אורגני עד הבית

Organic green soy is a member of the legume family, aka Adamame. It is probably one of the first crops grown by man, and this is the first time I’m writing about it !!!

In Israel it is relatively new and it took a few years to figure out what it likes and the best method to grow it. Now it is available in our store, fresh and green and not in the frozen form.

Soybeans originate from the wild soy, a local crop in China, where it was cultivated around the 11th century BC. About 5000 years ago, the soybean was crowned as a sacred crop essential to the existence of the Chinese culture, by Emperor Shennong, the divine farmer. To this day, soy is a daily diet staple in its dry and fermented form. It was also used as a soil conditioner - a green manure that was returned to the earth in order to enrich it for the next crops.

סויה ירוקה אורגנית בסלי הירקות האורגניים, הגינה של מגי, אורגני עד הבית

From China the soy spread to the rest of the East. In the West it only arrived in the 18th century.

Unfortunately, soy has a bit in common with corn. Both are of the first crops to be cultivated by humans. Both are found in almost every food product and in a variety of other products such as: glue, ink, soap, candles, fuel, etc. They both started out as sacred seeds and a vital growth need for humans, and today they are highly engineered seeds used in manufacturing!

I like to deal with earth, air, water, growing and seeds. So I'll talk only about the whole soy, the round, plump fat bean (the seed) that comes out of a fuzzy pod, which was accepted in the West as a health bomb.  I will not refer to the separated, dismantled and processed soy ingredients that are found in "foods" and other products. These "foods" require these ingredients for adhesion or conditioning or something else, and raise health and existential questions.

סויה ירוקה אורגנית בסלי הירקות האורגניים, הגינה של מגי, אורגני עד הבית

So, in the round green soybeans there is plenty of protein.  It  also has sponins, which are associated with the prevention of cancer and heart disease, vitamins A, C and K and plenty of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. The green soy is rich in nutritional fiber that cleans the body and lecithin that emulsifies fats.

It is a really fun munchie!!! Wait, there is more:

Soy contains both choline and inositol, which improve memory and contribute to the transmission of messages in the nervous system.

 It is rich in the plant form of estrogen - rich in isoflavones and is therefore used to improve symptoms of menopause.

They also discovered that soy contains a type of peptide (lunasin) that reduces cholesterol in the body. Of course, there are still many more good things that we have not yet learned to identify or measure.

In the kitchen, soybean munchies are the easiest and most delicious! Just cook green soybeans for about 5 minutes in boiling, salty water and you have a bowl of Japanese פיצוחים! And very healthy..

סויה ירוקה אורגנית בסלי הירקות האורגניים, הגינה של מגי, אורגני עד הבית

Remember to cook only a few minutes in order not to lose too much of the nutritional value.

Because their flavor is delicate, organic green soy also blends well in almost every dish - rice stew, stir-fry and even straight in the salad.

For health!

A green week with healthy munching.

Yours, Maggie and the garden team

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