Organic Grapes

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Shavua Tov and sweet!

like Grapes of the past :)

ענבים אורגניים בסלי פירות אורגנים, אורגני הגינה של מגי


"Grapes of the past" are the name of the green organic grapes that we have and are grown by Golan from Beer Milka.

They are so sweet and delicious and they are now quite plentiful!

I've written more about organic grapes in the past.


A reminder from the Israeli Organic Agriculture Organization:

Why does my organic fruit rot so fast?

Almost all organic consumers face frustration by a fruit or vegetable that rots within a few days, before we manage to consume it. We have become accustomed to conventional fruits or vegetables that last even weeks. What makes organic produce rot faster?

The answer is - nature at work. But, the correct question is what makes conventional produce stay fresh far beyond what nature planned?

A long shelf life is the desire of every conventional grower, packing house, retailer, marketer and consumer. In order to extend the shelf life of conventional produce they use a variety of chemical preparations, usually fungicides or hormonal preparations. A combination of pesticides against fungi and diseases and hormones which inhibit the natural ripening processes are the main causes of long shelf life of conventional fruit.

The first group of preparations contain a variety of poisons against fungi that may develop post-harvest and there is a variety of materials and mechanisms of toxicity of these products. Some of the fungicides are systemic, meaning that they penetrate into the tissue and act within the fruit and not only on the surface (so even if you wash the fruit with water and soap the material remains inside). Since there is a variety of fungi that may develop in storage it is often customary to combine multiple pesticides. The second group of substances is hormonal, and it's purpose is to cancel or retard the natural maturation processes that cause fruit to soften and thereby allow prolonged storage (MCP-1, and such).

Two main methods are used for the application of these pesticides and synthetic hormones: spraying or immersion in a bath. Needless to say, all of these materials are expressly prohibited in organic agriculture. Organic fruit and vegetables are picked and that's it!

So what do we do? We understand that nature does what it does and we eat fresh, organic, healthy produce in its season.

In this season there is a great abundance of fruits and vegetables that are organically grown and are healthy and tasty."


Have a healthy, sweet and juicy week!

For health!

Maggie and the garden staff


Organic vegetable baskets (draft only):





Cherry tomatoes



Pumpkin piece

Japanese pumpkin

Hot Pepper

Thai spinach


In the large organic vegetable baskets, also:






Organic fruit baskets:


Pears in conversion


In the large organic fruit baskets, also: