The star fruit – organic carambola

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How is it that one little star dares? She dares…. The delicious star: organic carambola

קרמבולה אורגנית


Many people tell me that the carambola is only good for decorating dishes. This is true, because of its special appearance. But it is not the entire truth – it is also great to eat. When it is yellow, it tastes like a juicy cucumber and it adds variety to a salad with lettuce, avocado and tomato. But if we are patient, the sweet and wonderful taste of this delicate organic carambola bursts out when it is ripe. When it happens its color turns brown and less radiant. I always said patience pays  :-)

 קרמבולה אורגנית

Other important qualities of the organic carambola are the abundance of health and energy with which it fills our body: it contains vitamins A, B and quite a lot of vitamin C. Also magnesium, zinc and potassium. In “natural medicine” it is known to treat hemorrhoids, cough, mouth sores and toothache. Also drunkenness and kidney stones. Legend has it that elderly Asian women begin the morning eating a fresh carambola on an empty stomach to avoid constipation.

Like its tropical friends, it comes to Israel from Southeast Asia and that is why it really loves the sun. It arrived to us in the 1930s, but for many years it was not widely known in Israel. Beginning in the seventies the growing of the Carambola has developed and the common species for us are Golden Star and Kerry. It comes to our organic store from an organic grower. Although he is unregulated, I trust him with my eyes closed :-)

How does it grow?

The Carambola grows on a small to medium-sized evergreen tree (does not shed the leaves in winter) and, as suitable for those of tropical origin, does not like seriously cold weather.

קרמבולה אורגנית

The carambola will be with us until the temperature drops and the winter winds blow the unripe fruit from the trees, so it's worth getting to know it now, because in our country, you do not know how long it will be until the autumn arrives. The carambola’s visit may be short.  Incidentally, the flowering of the carambola is as stunning as its fruit.

 קרמבולה אורגנית

The organic carambola has different species ranging from white to orange, in flavors ranging from sour to sweet. Therefore it is used in a variety of ways: as a vegetable in salad, sweet and sour preserves, fresh fruit, in drinks and in main dishes. Alcohol lovers invest their time and make a liqueur from it.

משקה קרמבולה






And as always, I gathered especially for you some delicious recipes from organic carambola.

For health!

And have a healthy week, energetic and relaxed :-)

Maggie and the garden team.

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