• Organic Basil

    נכתב ע"י Meggie בתאריך 6 באוקטובר 2017 | , , ,


    Organic Basil

    At the end of the summer, we still have achance to enjoy green. Presenting: organic basil!

    בזיליקום אורגני, ריחן אורגני, הגינה של מגי, פסטו אורגני, ירקות אורגניים

    This charismatic and mysterious vegetable conquered Israel during the last decade.

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  • Organic mango and important changes to your delivery during the next two weeks.

    נכתב ע"י Maggie בתאריך 28 בספטמבר 2017 | , , , ,

    Organic mango and important changes to your delivery during the next two weeks.

    מנגו אורגני
    Our organic mango is now at its peak, just before it enters its winter sleep. 
    There are many reasons to fall in love with this beautiful, sweet and sensual fruit.

    Let's start by it being a citizen of the world :-).

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  • sukkot and agriculture

    נכתב ע"י Maggie בתאריך 24 בספטמבר 2017 | ,

    Let’s talk about the weather! Happy Sukkot :-)

    Nowadays, as always, talking about the weather is the default subject.


    עגבניות אורגניות, ירקות אורגניים הביתה, סל ירקות אורגניים, הגינה של מגי


    When you don’t know what to talk about or there is nothing important or interesting to discuss, you can always say something about the weather.

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  • רימון אורגני בסלי הפירות האורגניים שלנו

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 17 בספטמבר 2017 |

    The organic pomegranate

    The New Year is already knocking on the door and bringing with it good wishes and hopes. And who can symbolize all these wishes better than the organic pomegranate, symbolizing in many cultures, including ours, beauty, abundance, fertility and wisdom.

    רימון אורגני בסלי פירות אורגניים, הגינה של מגי 

    The pomegranate is one of ours, a resident of the region, originated in the Caspian Sea region of Iran, and from there it was distributed to all the countries of the Mediterranean, and so it reached us too.

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  • This Friday Producers Market and CHANGES IN DELIVERIES FOR THE CHAGIM

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 10 בספטמבר 2017
  • Just a quick expectancy list for our organic vegetable baskets and flamenco in the packing house

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 3 בספטמבר 2017

    Shavua Tov and easy, good beginnings to everyone :)

    It was a challenging summer for us at work. All of us - crops, people, transporters..

    פלמנקו וירקות אורגניים, אורגני, הגינה של מגי 

    But now the חצבים are blooming, the nights are cooling and we are really nearing the end of this very difficult time .

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  • Magic Green Thai Beans

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 27 באוגוסט 2017

    To all of you that are returning to your routine - may it be an easy return, a good routine and here is a story to wish you all good luck!!


    שעועית ירוקה תאילנדית אורגנית בסלי הירקות האורגניים, אורגני, הגינה של מגי

    Wonderful Koby and the wonderful beans (Jack and the magical beanstalk) - the educational version!!!

    Creative Koby was 11 and lived in a poor village somewhere.

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  • local Market at our Packing house and store

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 20 באוגוסט 2017

    Good week our dear organic vegetable lovers J

    שוק יצרנים מקומי וירקות אורגניים, הגינה של מגי, אורגני

    Still a great shortage in Cuccumbers :( but we have a great event coming up!

    This coming Friday we will host a Local producers market in our organic Packing house/ shop and juice bar.

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  • Local Market 25.8.17

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 13 באוגוסט 2017

    Good week,

      שוק תוצרת מקומית, הגינה של מגי ירקות אורגניים

    Almost everyone is on vacation except for the greens in the garden who are struggling to survive in this weather, which is not very unsuitable for them right now.

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  • Summer and our Organic produce

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 6 באוגוסט 2017 |

    Good week!

    It’s hot, hot, hot .... :-) Together with the rays of heat, we also get tons of vitamin D and other positive things in the summer.  But there are also those who do not enjoy it. It is the common abundance / shortage dichotomy.

    , ירקות האורגניים במשלוח הביתה, הגינה של מגי

    To illustrate, despite the importance of the sun’s rays, have you ever tried to stand outside for a whole day in this weather?

    The tomatoes and gourds are doing very well now and you can see it in quantity and variety.

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