• Green Soya Beans, Edamame

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    Edamame means "beans on a branch" in Japanese :)

    סויה ירוקה אורגנית בסלי הירקות האורגניים, הגינה של מגי, אורגני עד הבית

    Organic green soy is a member of the legume family, aka Adamame. It is probably one of the first crops grown by man, and this is the first time I’m writing about it !!!

    In Israel it is relatively new and it took a few years to figure out what it likes and the best method to grow it.

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  • Pears Galore

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    organic Pears

    The pear – the super fruit! Have an organic pear and be calm and healthy :)

    עץ אגס אורגני בסל פירות אורגניים הביתה, הגינה של מגי, אורגני עד הבית

    The pear was called a gift of the gods by Homer, and was considered a luxury food in the court of King Louis the 14th.

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  • Organic Grapes

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    Shavua Tov and sweet!

    like Grapes of the past :)

    ענבים אורגניים בסלי פירות אורגנים, אורגני הגינה של מגי


    "Grapes of the past" are the name of the green organic grapes that we have and are grown by Golan from Beer Milka.

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  • Peaches so sweet

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    Good week!

    Pita peaches –Despite their strange appearance, these have not been “crushed” by the heatפירות אורגניים במשלוח הביתה, ירקות אורגניים עד הבית, הגינה של מגי, אורגני


    We are at the height of summer - July-August – and it is hot.

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  • Activaties at the packing house :)

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    Shavua Tov!

    The events are taking place :)

    Come to our packing house and Organic store and Juice bar!

    - If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them and have you share them with others... :) 


    Every first Friday of the month Live Music around 10:00-12:00


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  • Plum Crazy

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    Good Week!!

    The plum is the fruit of a deciduous tree of the rose (aka Rosaceae) family, Genus Prunus along with the almond, peach, cherry and apricot.

     פירות אורגניים, סל ירקות אורגניים עד הבית, הגינה של מגי, אורגני

    It is easy to see the similarity of the shape of their seed and their blossom.

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  • Organic Veggies at our Farmers Market

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    Good week our dear organic vegetable lovers J

    This coming Friday we will host a farmers and producers market in our organic shop and juice bar. How exciting!!שוק איכרים עם ירקות אורגניים, הגינה של מגי

    This is truly a dream come true!

    A farmers market is exactly how I would like the world to work! And for numerous reasons that are all aspects of life.

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  • Organic carrots in our organic vegetable baskets

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    Dear veggie lovers, Shavua tov!

    Organic carrots in our organic vegetable baskets

    גזר אורגני בסלי ירקות אורגניים, ירקות אורגניים במשלוח הביתה, הגינה של מגי


    13  Things to Know About Organic Carrots:

    The longest carrot was measured in 1996 and was 5.

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  • organic Shavuot

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    Do you yearn for a loquat? Do you have cheshek for a shesek? You must hurry.


    שסק אורגני, סלי פירות אורגניים, שתילי פירות אורגניים, אורגני

    The season of this wonderful and excellent fruit is short, and soon it will be gone.


    We love loquats for several reasons .

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  • Organic deliviries on the week of Shavuot

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 21 במאי 2017

    On Friday, Daniel and I worked in the shop and juice bar. It was fun J. There are good vibes here - come visit!

    For some of you this is the last delivery before Shavuot:

    xסלי פירות אורגניים חנות אורגנית במבשרת, הגינה של מגי, ירקות אורגניים עד הבית

    Residents of Ramat Raziel, Tzur Hadassa, Betar Illit, Gush Etzion, Emek HaEla and Gush Dan except for Tel Aviv, this is your last delivery before Shavuot.

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