• Hello 27/01/09

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    Hi friends,


    First of all, distribution day will now be Wednesday. I hope that the delivery will be at the same hour. There may be a slight delay for the first couple of weeks.


    The boxes lately have been filled with leafy vegetables, as is usual for winter (although winter is not really here yet), so I thought it would be nice if we were better acquainted with them.


    At the end of this email is a "green corner" article about rosemary, oregano and carob, from chava, for your interest.

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  • Hello 24/12/08

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 24 בדצמבר 2008 | , ,


    This week weeding, weeding, weeding, and the garden looks very nice. See photos at http://maggiesgarden.shutterfly.com/ Notice the sunflowers. Sunflower is a summer plant and I used it in the garden to attract insects and for variety. What you see is the result of the combination of of seeds that fell to the ground and the unseasonably spring weather.

    While I really don't mind the weeds, It is always nice to see a row with only what is supposed to be in it. Most of the weeds are around what I have planted.

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