• No other than a Carrot!

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 21 בינואר 2018 |

    No other (organic) carrot like it!

    גזר אורגני, ירקות אורגניים, הגינה של מגי

    "You ask what is life? but it's as if you asked: What is a carrot? A carrot is a carrot, and the rest is unknown." (Anton Chekhov in a letter to his wife 1904)

    Carrots A to Z: (the letters do not match because of translation from Hebrew to English.

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  • Turn up to Turnip

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 14 בינואר 2018 |

    Lets turn up the turnip!


    לפת אורגנית, ירקות אורגניים עד הבית, אורגני הביתה, הגינה של מגי


    Cilantro divides the world into two groups: those that love it and those that hate it!


    With turnips, the world is divided into three groups: those that love it, those that don’t know what to do with it and those that are not at all acquainted with it.

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  • Green Garlic

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 7 בינואר 2018 |

    Why the green garlic?

    Urban legend tells us that garlic will cause vampires to flee.

    שום ירוק אורגני, סלי ירקות אורגניים, אורגני, הגינה של מגי

    However, in my opinion a few bites of garlic exhaled into ones face will only make you take a few steps back, similar to the reaction to Amba and Hilbe (fenugreek).

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  • Organic Veggies without rain

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 31 בדצמבר 2017 |

    Shavua tov and an excellent new year!

    The days are lengthening, and the frequent rain that would fullfill our hopes for the garden are drying up...

    שום ירוק אורגני, ירקות אורגניים, אורגני, הגינה של מגי

    So, in the meantime, here are some recommendations for warming the heart and soul:

    Green garlic - Use all of it (including its green leaves) as if it was green onions, scallions, or chives but with a gentler garlicy taste.

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  • Rain and our Organic Veggie Boxes

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 24 בדצמבר 2017 |

    Happy Rain!

    That all your wishes will rain true!

    גשם, סל ירקות אורגניים עד הבית, אורגני, הגינה של מגי 

    Wishing that all the good ideas, feelings and intentions will trickle down on your nose, forehead, cheeks, and your face.

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  • Organic Veggie Channuke

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 17 בדצמבר 2017 |

    Happy Chanuka!

    לעטקס ירקות אורגניים, אורגני עד הבית, הגינה של מגי

    Lots of Latke recipes

    Unprofessional translation of Badulina by Gabi Nitzan:

    “Before there was Christmas or hanuka or Ramadan, before anyone turned faith into religion, before there were books, before there was lighting technology – winters were much blacker and colder than we can imagine.

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  • Happy Chanakka and sweet Dates

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 9 בדצמבר 2017 |

    Shavua Tov!

    They are here- This years Sweet Organic Dates from Kibbuts Samar!

    תמרים אורגניים בסלי פירות אורגניים אורגני עד הבית הגינה של מגי


    Right in time for a sweet Chanukka.

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  • Organic Citrus fruit-Take it to haert!

    נכתב ע"י maggie בתאריך 3 בדצמבר 2017 |

    Organic citrus fruits. Take them to heart!

    How is it that they always come exactly when you need them the most?   Nature does it best.

     פירות הדר אורגניים בסלי פירות אורגנים, הגינה של מגי

    Lime, Lemon, Clementine, Orange, Grapefruit, Sweetie, Red Grapefruit, and Red Pomelo .

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  • I’m singing in the (organic) rain :-) really, I am

    נכתב ע"י Maggie בתאריך 26 בנובמבר 2017 |

    What perfect and joyful days!


    Indeed they are accompanied by fixing up here, sealing up there and running to "save" things from the perfect showers that descended on us from heaven. But the rain came, after all your prayers and dances, and came down with a lot of blessing.

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  • Organic Green Leaves - Guide for the Perplexed

    נכתב ע"י Mggie בתאריך 19 בנובמבר 2017 |

    What are two of the most prominent signs of winter in my world?

    עלים ירוקים

    The first sign, of course, is rain. Rain and winter are like woolen gloves for frozen hands. We need and wait for rain which washes, cleans, sprouts, grows, enriches.

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